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CFEX Services List

Address Abroad

At first all ordered packages are delivered to our warehouse in Turkey. After that, the parcels are sent to the office in Baku,from where they are delivered to the consignee`s address.

Prompt Customer Service

Our customer support team will promptly answer your questions and resolve any problems that may arise.

Cashback and Discounts

When shopping online, you can refund part of the amount paid and compensate for the shipping costs.

Courier Order

Due to this service parcels arriving at our warehouse in Baku are delivered directly to your home/office address. Courier order online will make your job easier.

Buy It For Me Service

You choose a product, send us a link to order it, payfor it, and the order is carried out by us. The commission for this service is5%.

Parcel Delivery

We provide fast delivery of parcels from Turkey. Parcels arriving at our warehouse abroad are delivered to our Baku office within 3-5 working days from the moment they are received at the warehouse in Turkey.

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