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Frequently Asked Questions

How are transportation and delivery of orders carried out?

Transportation is carried out twice a week from Turkey and once a week from the United States. Parcels will be delivered within 3 hours after arriving at our offices.

How can I refund my bank payment?

If during the order you face any problems (the goods are out of stock, etc.), the amount were paid will be refunded to you.
Refunds to the card account are made within 5-15 days, but may take longer depending on the operating system of some banks.

What are the documents required to receive the parcel?

A document confirming the identity of the customer to receive the package (ID card, student card, driver's license, etc.) itself or a copy is required.

How much will my credit card be charged?

The percentage of the transaction that will be debited from your card when placing an order is determined by the bank that issued your card.

The working hours?

Orders and inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day.
Parcels are delivered during weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00, including Saturday.

Where is your office located?

Fatali khan Khoyski Street 81, Ganjlik metro station from the side of the exit of Caspian Shopping Center.

What is the Domestic Cargo Services?

Delivery of your order from the website to any of the indicated countries is carried out to our warehouse in this country by courier companies. These companies charge a certain amount for the delivery of your package. This amount is indicated on the websites where you order the product. Some websites apply Free Domestic Shipping on large orders.

Can two or more parcels be combined into a single one?

Our company does not provide services for combining parcels. The parcel is delivered the way it was arrived to our warehouse abroad. 

How are the freight costs calculated?

Delivery   charges of the ordered parcel is calculated by weight. Delivery charges for parcels larger than  30*40*65 centimeter are calculated by volumetric weight. To calculate the volumetric weight the standard formula is used: Width x Height x Length / 6000.

Can I return the item I bought?

There is no return service.

How many days does delivery of my order take?

The delivery time depends on which website you order from. Delivery time for sellers iswithin 3-7 days. Weekends and holidays may extend the delivery time. Your parcel will arrive in Baku no later than 4 days after the seller delivers your order to our warehouse abroad.

How can I place an order from websites that do not accept Azerbaijani bank cards?

If your card is not accepted by the website on which you intend to make an order, in this case we suggest using the "Buy for me" service. At first you should register on our website. After registration, go to the "My Profile" section, add the link of the desired product in the "Place an order" section. The system will present you the total amount, taking into account the cost and sizes of the goods, the fee fordomestic delivery service and + 5% commission for placing an order through the "Buy for me" service (if the specified data is not available, enter them manually). After sending links to our website, transfer the total amount to our bank account, and we will complete the purchase of the desired product for you. In this case, the declaration will also be added to your profile by our employees.

What is total order value?

According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, individuals can use the duty-free limit for non-commercial purposes in the amount of $ 300 within 30 calendar days.

What items are prohibited to ship?

LisB29:B37nto the Republic of Azerbaijan by individuals and receipt by means of international mail:
1. All types of weapons, ammunition (except for ammunition for hunting weapons), all military items, military equipment.
2. Radioactive substances, drugs and psychotropic substances and accessories for their use, various toxic substances.
3. Books and advertising materials that promote immorality, violence, terrorism.
4. Liquefied substances (sprays, paints, perfumes, air cushions, dry shampoo, etc.).
5. Flammable and explosive substances and materials used for their manufacture.
6. Food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, perishable foods and products requiring special storage.
7. Animals, plants and seeds.
8. Special secret means of communication, hidden cameras, secret audio recordings, drones and other spy equipment, their passwords and literature on their operation.
9. Information systems, documents and archives on operational investigative activities of the Ministries of Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs.
10. Banknotes, coins.
11. Documents, discoveries, projects of national importance.
12. Precious metals and stones in raw (natural) form (jewelry, precious metals and stones).
13. Note: We do not ship mobile phones.

What do you mean "the seller canceled the order"?

Sometimes the order can be canceled by the online store. If the order is made through CFEX and the online store has sent an email to the company to cancel the order, then the company, in turn, notifies the customer about this, providing him/her with detailed information. the cases when the online stores do not provide reasons for canceling the order, CFEX will also notify the customer about the cancellation of the order and refund the amount paid.

How long is the cargo stored in the warehouse?

Your parcel can be stored in a warehouse abroad and at the local office of the company no longer than 15 days. For each subsequent day, 50 qapicks are imposed for storage of cargo. After 45 days, the package will be destroyed.

Can the liquids and fluids be sent via CFEX?

Any liquid and fluid substances can be shipped from Turkey. Perfume containing alcohol, shampoos, hair creams, cosmetics and other products can be ordered. Delivery of liquid products from Turkey to Azerbaijan is carried out once a week.

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